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a community interest company providing Forest School services in Kent

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Health and Wellbeing

It is well documented that being outdoors in nature is great for our health and wellbeing.  At the moment there is a lot of research into the benefits of the woodland environment and evidence showing that spending time under the trees is essential to our wellbeing both physically, mentally and emotionally.


For the past 17 years I have witnessed the powerful and life changing effects on people when they spend time in the forest whether that is through...

•  Organised learning programmes

•  Forest school courses

•  Play-based community sessions

•  Woodland therapy

... or simply their own time out walking, cycling or resting under the trees.  The Japanese have ‘Forest Bathing’, the Scandinavians value their time in ‘The Nature’.  American and Canadian research has shown that as well as relaxing us and lowering our cortisol levels, spending time in the woodland environment also strengthens our immune system.  


The 72h Cabin - It was a great honour in 2017 to be asked to assist Visit Sweden and the

Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (One of the world’s foremost Medical Universities) in

running a case study with Ben Fogle and four other Professional people from around the

world who are deemed to be in highly stressful jobs.  I spent 72 hours out in the woods

with them measuring the physiological effects of them being fully immersed in a natural

environment, through blood pressure readings, problem solving abilities, sleep patterns

and their own diary entries. After 72 hours their stress levels had reduced by 70%!!

You can read more about the results here...


Step-Out offer a multitude of different woodland experiences specifically designed to be

fully inclusive so that individuals or groups who wish to access some of these benefits

are able to.  Groups we have worked with include...


Headway - Worcestershire Woodlands - Sure Start - Band of Brothers - Westminster

School - the Police - Mannicare - Churchvale Homeless Project - High Flyers - Aldington

Primary School ... and many more.


PLEASE contact us to talk through your requirements.  Our staff are experienced in working in the mental health sector using Bushcraft and Forest School and

have a qualified counsellor running these programmes.





• Costs for groups start from £150 per day (£90/half day)


• Individuals can book sessions from £30 per hour

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