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Mountain Biking - Wyre Forest

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Step-Out Outdoor Learning, Training and Therapy C.I.C trading as Step-Out, Company Registration No 07868880

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Introduction to mountain biking and bushcraft (KS2)


For key stage 2 primary school students in particular, we have found that our 6 week mixed mountain biking and bushcraft programme is hugely popular.  These sessions provide the opportunity a greater number of students to engage through learning outside the classroom.  It also makes mountain biking much more accessible to students as the cycling routes can be kept shorter, whilst still including the important skills and techniques necessary to help them progress.


Cost: £17.50 per student per session.        Session times: 9.30am – 12.30pm



Step-Out Cycling Academy (KS4)


This programme caters for up to six young people who struggle to achieve in the conventional school system and are considered to be “at risk”.  


Working closely with the young people the cycling academy is a 20 week mentoring scheme where through consistency and leading by example our instructors use…

• skills coaching          • bike maintenance          • first aid          • fitness and training for sport          • sports nutrition

• and most of all a passion for their sport

…to act as positive role models, affecting a positive change in the young people’s outlook on their lives.


The cycling academy programme finishes just before the Easter break enabling students to concentrate on their other programmes of work such as GCSEs etc.  


For those students who wish to compete in a local British Cycling Regional Cross Country Race we form a Step-Out team and entre the closest race.


Cost: £60 per student per session payable in advance in half-termly installments + £100 per term for entry fees, trips and all qualification fees.  Lunch on each day and personal protective equipment is included.


Cycling Academy includes:

•  Small groups with a maximum of 6 students  •  ‘Pick-up’ and ‘drop off’ available from Kidderminster station at 09:30hrs and 14:30hrs  •  Students should expect to work towards gaining their Young Leaders Award through CTC after their first 8 weeks with us  •  Throughout the programme we remain in close contact with your school to monitor progression and developement of the students.



GCSE Mountain Biking


By taking both the OCR PE, Ed Excel PE and the Welsh Physical Education Curriculum Step-Out MTB Coaching have developed a structured GSCE course of 3 or 4 (depending on ability) 2.5 hour mornings or afternoon sessions which coach the students in the appropriate skills before assessing their skills progression and performance during cross country rides in the Wyre Forest.  


Cost: £25 per student per session, minimum charge £200 per session.

Costs may be less if an accompanying teacher has a suitable cycling qualification, please speak to Sarah for more information.


If the group exceeds 10 students and accompanying school staff wish to ride they are required to bring their own bike or pay a £12 hire charge per extra bike.  Bike hire has been included for all students whatever the group size.


A copy of the scheme of work for our GCSE programme can be provided upon request.


As part of the programme, individual grades need to be given to each student.  These reflect their performance and understanding of mountain biking.  Traditionally, the Step-Out instructors work with the leading teacher of the subject to determine grades.  However, if the teachers wish to carry out all the grading themselves then this is not a problem.

Step-Out MTB Coaching is the specialist cycling arm of Step-Out Outdoor Learning, Training and Therapy CIC.


Our mountain bike team specialise in working with groups of both young people and adults on bikes in and around the Wyre Forest running programmes to suit everyone - a single coaching day, a progressive development programme, mixed mountain bike and bushcraft sessions and GCSE courses.


Over the last 3 years we have worked closely with key stage 2, 3 and 4 students from schools and pupil referral units.


We are able to tailor any programme to meet your group’s specific requirements should this be a single three hour mtb experience or several weekly sessions.


With the exception of the three programmes detailed below our charges are £25 per person per session, minimum charge £200 per session.


Step-Out is an OCNWM accredited centre and our cycling instructors are CTC and first aid qualified to ensure that you are looked after in the best possible way.

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