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a community interest company providing Forest School services in Kent

Primary Learning Programmes

Step-Out Outdoor Learning, Training and Therapy C.I.C trading as Step-Out, Company Registration No 07868880

Registered Office:

6 Mount Pleasant

Aldington, Ashford

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A fantastic and awe inspiring day for infants to explore the forest; it includes activities,

walks, crafts and storytelling.


Example of activities:

•Discovery walks-stomp in puddles, find glorious sticks and explore the forest

•Forest crafts- sculpting art and models from forest materials

•Pond dipping, finding animal evidence and habitats

•Why are trees so special?

•Make dens, fairy houses or animal homes

•Story telling





Bring history to life outside the classroom on this day of discovery and intrigue.  Learn authentic crafts and cooking, experience a historic way of life and take part in fun, physical activities like archery and hunting.


Example of activities: (appropriate to relevant period of history from stone age onwards)

•Fire making

•Bread making

•Clay pot making

•Carding and spinning wool

•Use of wild plants(dying, cooking, cordage making)

•Cave paintings

•Charcoal making

•Tracking... etc.





A fully hands on and practical exploration day to see who we share the forest with.

Get close to  mini-beasts who live on land, in the air and in the water and find out how

they adapt to the environment they live in.


Example of activities:

•Pond dipping

•Sweep netting

•Tree beating

•Searching under log piles

•Mini-beast passports

•Butterfly feeding stations

•Pebble/felt creatures





The dream of every child (and adult) to build a den in the woodland big enough to eat their lunch in!  This programme revolves around wood and your students will finish the day knowing the difference between green wood and dead wood, how and why the fire triangle works, where to find water in the woodland and some origins and uses of plants.


Example of activities:

•Natural shelter building

•Fire-lighting and cooking bread over their fire

•Water collecting

•Nettle string making

•Making wood ‘cookies’





Reach beyond the classroom and allow your students to experience the forest within

this programme.  This programme offers fun and engaging activities to develop

team-building and problem solving skills.

(Key concepts: physical education, personal development and spoken language)


Example of Activities:

•Cross a crocodile-infested swamp

•Save a precious butterfly cocoon

•Rescue a rare egg

•Stay aboard a melting iceberg

•Build a tower…. etc.


NOTE: these activities change according to age/ability of students

The following learning programmes are specifically designed to enhance the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 curriculums.


These half-day or full day programmes take place at the Step-Out Woodland Site at Evegate, Smeeth, near Ashford.  We are very fortunate to be able to offer a beautiful woodland location, easy access, experienced instructors and fully ‘hands-on’, experiential learning opportunities.


The cost is £6.50 per student for a half day programme (approx. 9.30am-12) and £9.50 per student for a full school day (approx. 9.30am-3pm).


These prices are based on a minimum booking of 15 students but we are able to accommodate up to 60.


For more information or to make a booking please contact Sarah - 07962 446 886 - or email [email protected]

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Tel. +44 (0) 7962 446 886

Email[email protected]